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I just got a new dell laptop with windows 7 ultimate 64bit installed. I installed Retrospect 7.7 and setup the automated scripts like I had on the prior xp machine. If I open retrospect manually when the script isn't scheduled to run it comes up as expected. The script is set to run every friday at 5:30pm, when the time comes nothing happens but, I see in task manager that retromonitor is running. The external drive that it should be backing up to doesn't have any activity, and if I try to manually start it I get the retrospect monitor window that says one execution is running. If I leave it alone it will stay that way until I use the task manager to kill it. On the XP system at the appointed time retrospect opened and began the process of backing up and I could see what was happening. Any Ideas? When I check the backup drive there are never any new files unless I manually run the script.




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