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Guest opieandy

Error 1119 - "directory Not Empty"

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Guest opieandy

I am using Retrospect Express 7.6 in Windows 7, backing up to an iomega 1 TB HD. For the folders "My Pictures" and "My Music", Retrospect will not back up. I get error 1119, Directory Not Empty.


Those folders on the HD have lots of files in them as the backup used to work fine. Looking at my backup history, it appears I have been getting this error message every time since I switched to a Windows 7 machine, but did not notice it until now. So maybe a Windows 7 error.


I did notice that I did not have access to the folders on the Iomega HD and had to change the 'owner' to give myself access (seems like a stupid Vista issue, haven't had this happen on Win 7 before). Anyway, I now have full access to the folders on the HD, but Retrospect still gives me the Error 1119.


Appreciate any help. Can't find this issue on the 'net.





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