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I have a license that came with an Iomega drive for HD2.5. I downloaded it from the Roxio website and installed it. When I launch the software I get the first screen that say Welcome to Retropsect Express HD and an "updating status" message, and "0 restore points available". The program never gets beyond this screen and just seems to be hung on updating status. Any suggestions? I am running Windows XP and have 2 Iomega drives one a new Prestige with USB connection the other an ethernet connection. Both appear to my PC as a drive with letters F and W repsectively

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I am having a similar problem. Mine goes to the open screen, shows 64 back ups....should be showing over 200. I click restore and it goes to the next screen, but doesn't show a single back up. Then it locks up and won't do anything. I open the drive where the back ups are stored, click one of those files and HD opens but when I hit restore it freezes again.


A years worth of back ups and I can't get to them. Have you had any luck with tech support? I haven't because one company sold out to another and no one cares to deal with or stand behind this product. Makes me wish I had just used Carbonite

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