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My win7/64 backup server locked up while backing up a client to disk. After rebooting, Retrospect asked for my license code - uh oh. My log files and scripts are gone. Other than loosing scripts and logs, Retrospect seems just fine. Where are the log files and scripts supposed to be stored? Can I just restore them from a backup? Thanks.

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Scripts are contained in the Retrospect Config77.dat file along with the whole configuration. By Default It is stored in either Users>AllUsers>Application Data>Retrospect, or Program Data>Retrospect

(Locations vary between XP/2003 and 7/2008)


The logs are also stored there, unless you have changed the Preferences>Logging options.


You can restore the Config.dat file - See Manual / Help Management > Moving Retrospect which discusses dealing with Config77.dat files.

or for a more complete discussion on recovering Retrospect

DIsaster Recovery>Restoring the Backup Computer


Hope this Helps

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