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Restore 6.5 Backup Using 7.7

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I am the process of restoring data from a old Windows XP SP3 laptop to a new Windows 7 64 bit laptop. The back up on the old laptop was executed using 6.5 to an external HD. Using 7.7 on the new laptop I am trying to restore the back up to a designated folder. Is this process possible? If so, how is it done?

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R7.7 should be able to read older R6.5 BackupSets (according to the readme & NB the process is not reversible)

The procedure would be as follows:-

If you have both the original Backup Set data (folder with Axxxxxxxxxxx.rxx files) AND the Catalog file backupsetname.rbc file

Then just drag and drop the Catalog file onto Retro and it will Re-instate the backup set, and you can restore using the standard tools.


If no Catalog file then you will have to rebuild it

Tools>ReCreate Catalog File select "All Disks" and point to the location of the Backup Set data. If it doesnt work right away try one directory higher or lower

After scanning the backup set it should re-instate the Backup set into your current Retrospect.


See Help / or Manual - Chapter Tools > Maintenance & Repair > Recreating Catalog

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