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Window Focus Bug

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This bug has been around for at least 4 years, is well known, and was never fixed when EMC owned the product.


Retrospect steals window focus every few minutes. This behavior is intolerable as it interrupts desired activity without warning or indication. Focus just "leaves" the currently active window.


Most folks, myself included, simply uninstall the otherwise useful software and seek out alternative solutions.


I would prefer to be able to use the software I paid for.


Is Roxio aware of this bug? Does the company intend to investigate and pursue a fix?






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I'm also having this problem and even though I upgraded my OS thinking that this could solve it and I can still use the software without this annoying bug it didn't work out that great.


Restrospect express keeps on bothering me. I thought it might not be that compatible to my OS but it wasn't the case I guess. Roxio should try to check this since this could stress a lot of buyers of this product.


I also uninstalled the software since its getting on my nerves already. I like the product but I'm done with this problem.

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