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.533 Has Broken Vcb File Level Backups

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In anticipation of getting our Exchange 2010 add-on license, I upgraded our server to .533. Didn't think I'd run into the W2K3 problem since we're doing all our server backups via VCB.


Last night my VCB file-level scripts all failed -1101 File/Directory not found.


Haven't met another soul on the user forums who's using VCB, but any advice or "me too" comments would be helpful before I spend time on this problem.


Also, it took me days to get hold of anyone at Roxio to take my money for the Exchange 2010 add-on. In fact, they still haven't - they're checking my value pack serial number and will get back to me.


Once again, I feel like I have to beg you guys to take my money so I can deal with regression issues before I come to the problems with the new features.


:-( :-( :-(

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