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Snow Leopard Issue? Win2003 Server

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Hey folks,


Cross posting this on Mac /PC forums.


We have a problem backing up drives on Mac Snow Leopard Server OSX 10.6.7.

Mac Client is 6.3.029, Running Retrospect 7.7.533 on WIn2003 Server.

We recently upgraded to Snow Leopard, this wasn't an issue before but now whenever we have the Mac server logged out, Retrospect won't back up

"Can't access Volume XXXX on XXXX, error -1101 (file/directory not found)"

When I check the Retrospect clients, it says the drives are connected and everything is fine….

If we log the Mac Server back in, and execute the backup, everything is as it should be, the backup is successful.


Does anyone else have a similar issue, and or a fix for this?





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I've got the same setup as yours and the same problem and for now I'm telling our Mac users to not logout but with Fast User Switching enabled on the Mac, switch to the login screen which locks the workstation but everything that's up and running will stay running. That seems to let Retrospect backup the Mac. However, now there are some Macs Retrospect can't connect to from time to time unless I ask the user to reboot. Just happened to my own Mac over the weekend. I don't know if the client doesn't have enough permissions or what's going on but makes me start thinking about other backup options. Snow Leopard has been out long enough that this should not be a problem.

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Similar problem here although we are able to backup our two 10.6.7 servers but not the Mac iMacs/Macbook Pros. Our problem started about a year ago when we updated to either 10.6.4 or .5 (can't remember which). At the time we were on 7.6 Multi Server and have since upgraded to 7.7.533 but no change.


It seems the problem will happen after the Mac has bee running for a day or more. Retrospect sees the Mac computers ok but doesn't see the HD when it goes to backup and then reports "Can't access volume lyndap on Lynda, error -1101 ( file/directory not found)" (in this example it's Lynda's Mac). A reboot always fixes the problem but it usually recurrs a few days later.


We are running 7.7.533 on Server 2008(x64). I have tried Mac client 6.2.229, 6.2.234 and 6.3.029 with the same results.


I use Retrospect to backup two Linux PCs, 2 Mac servers, Win2008 and 2003 servers, XP, Win7 and some 10.5.8 G5s but the only ones that this happens to are the 10.6.x workstations.


If memory servers me well, it never happened with 10.6.0 to 10.6.3 or .4 -ish.


Although I feel certain it's a Mac thing, it looks like it will need to be a Retrospect fix.

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