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How To Set Up Backup Bootable Partition

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I have Retrospect Pro 7.7.341 and Windows 7 Home Premium. Is it feasible and if so what is the easiest way to set up a duplicate boot disk with the OS and all my programs and settings? I now have it all on a SSD and am concerned about lifetime. It would be nice if I didn't have to do a restore on failure, just boot up on the backup drive. I would want to keep the backup drive up to date.




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It seems there is no easy way. Please correct me if there are any better steps in this list to keep a bootable backup instant recovery hard drive with OS and Programs.


1. Purchase another copy of Windows OS

2. Install it on a partition on a separate internal drive from your existing OS

3. Bring it up to date with Windows Update

4. Restore with Retrospect from the backup of the main disk

5. Do a repair if needed using the Windows installation CD

6. Boot up with the backup every now and then to update windows and programs


I guess with all the expense and effort for this, most people probably keep a whole backup computer or else take the time to do all this only when their main OS drive fails. Comments would be appreciated.



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From a Retrospect point of view, 7.7 has a nice Disaster Recovery CD (iso included in the distribution).

Should you lose your system drive You can boot the system with the CD, then run as either a Retrospect Server or Client, to access either the Backup Set, or Server respectively, and recover your system partition.


See my posts on DR





You might want to check out Roxio Back On Track




Alternatively you could use any of the myriad partition cloning tools out there.



Acronis True Image, and I am sure several other products allow you to clone a volume, and then run daily scheduled jobs to update the Cloned copy with changes keeping it up to date.



How much of an imprevement did you get putting the OS on SSD?

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