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Network share permission ?

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I’m trying to backup a network share that works just fine for all intended purposes… except backup with Retrospect.


Whenever trying to define it as a source container I get an “insufficient privilege” error, although I’m using an admin account both for running Retrospect and accessing the said share.


Must be missing something… Any help appreciated!


Retrospect Single server Windows SBS 2003

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The way permissions work with shares are that it looks at the ACL for both the share and NTFS, windows will take the more restrictive ACL of the two. If your user or group is not listed in one then you'll be denied access by way of implied deny. Also consider checking the ACL for conflicting ACE entries, if you have your user set to Allow but a group you belong to is set to deny the deny setting will win. The effective permissions tab can help with that.

Microsoft's best practices say set the share to authenticated users Full Control or at least modify then then lock down the NTFS side. That way you'll restrict access to local and network users from one place. It is also far easier to troubleshoot funky permissions issues.

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