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-5000 Permissions Error

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Hi Anyone,

I have just run into this problem and wondering if there is any fix to this besides what is posted as a workaround. I have a Mac OSX Server 10.4.6 with RAID shared volumes. On occasion, the Owner/Group/Guest perrmissions change to WR/R/R with ACL giving full control. The work around is to have Retrospect auto mount the volume. If I do not do it this way, it will give me a -5000 error message on the verify and output an execution error message from the Retro App. I know I may be missing some info, but this has just drained me. If anyone has some knowledge about this. I would appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks.




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Hi Jeffrey,


You're running Retrospect on a machine seperate from the server, correct? Is Retrospect somehow related to the permissions changing, or just suffering because of it? I'm a little unclear on your question.

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