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Mass SQL db backup and restore

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We are trying to utilize Retrospect to backup SQL dbs on our main server, and then restore them to another SQL server, so that our month end data is available the entire month.


I did another full set of backups for all live offices again late yesterday afternoon. When I tried to run the restore script, it didn't work, as the "source" backup was no longer on the tape (the original backup from yesterday morning). I don't get it - what good is scripting if you have to recreate the script everytime you do a backup? Especially when you have to do each restore separately? That doesn't make sense, there has to be something we're missing. There are many companies that do SQL backups on multiple databases every day, sometimes multiple times per day.


Any ideas?

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Could you please be clear about what you want to achieve and what you did? (just tell us exactely what you want to achieve) Someone here will then for sure help.



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