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Can't add a Client Error 560

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Hi All


Any one know what the following is caused by:-


"sorry, couldn't add backup client error - 560(invalid privert/public key)"


I have distributed the client via AD Group profile, some users can be added some can't.



Ian Broughton

Development Engineer

C-tec rolleyes3grem1.gif

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Hi Ian,


Retrospect is reporting that the public/private key pair do not match. You could try moving a copy of the public key to the client directory to see if that resolves the issue. The public key will be located in C:/Program Files/Retrospect/Retrospect Client/pubkey.dat.


If the same public key works on some machines and not on others, I would take one of each and run some kind of comparison to see if you have a little corruption occuring somewhere.

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