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First backup is fine, second 'Normal' backup is just as big?

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Follow up post -- I removed the check box specified above:


Script -> Options -> Windows Security -> "Back up file security information from servers" and now the script has skipped that file. Guess that's a "fix" for this.

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I'm have the same issue on three separate Windows 2000 machines, each backing up drives across a network onto an external drive on each machine.


All three machines are running Windows 2000 SP4, and Retrospect version 7.5.285 with Hotfix


One machine has been running "normal" backups perfectly for the last 2 months while the other two fill their external drives within 3 days. Even if I set them to Groom anything older than 1 day they still recopy the same files and fill up.

Will have to dig deeper to see what the difference between them is....

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