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Current Version = 7.0



I would like to aggregate my scripts. In other words, I’d like to have a script call other scripts. This way I can group backups by whatever criteria I desire (date, clients, application, disk group, etc.) yet have a set of small simple scripts rather a few larger and more complicated scripts.


Ex: I have a set of scripts that run once a quarter but are manually activated. If they had a parent script, I could simple run the one script to call all the others. It is very tedious to manually kick off each one.




When a script fails, they don’t seem to quit or take forever to do so (depending upon failure reason). The failure criteria and action should be modifiable by the user instead of hardcoded.


Ex problems:

If the path to the destination device goes down, Retrospect fills up the log with thousands of message (one for each source file) before finally ending. The next scheduled script then did the same thing.

If the destination device fills up, Retrospect simply waits for more media to be added. It will wait forever. This means that other scripts with different destinations that may not be full never run.

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#1 You could create run documents in Retrospect and use a batch file to launch them.



Depending on the error Retrospect may be able to quit gracefully or not. If you don't want it to wait forever for media you can set a media timeout in the preferences.




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