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OneTouch Manager & Retrospect 6.5 - Backup & Restore

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I just recently purchased the Maxtor OneTouch III 500gb USB/Firewire external HD. I added this to a Maxtor OneTouch II 250gb USB/Firewire external HD. I normally execute backups from Retrospect 6.5 professional. The OneTouch III software now has a console, where you can do file synchronizations, backups, restores, etc. The OneTouch III HD also comes with the Retrospect 1.1 HD Express software, which I did not install. Therefore when I bring up the console (OneTouch Manager) and click on the "Backup" button, I get the message that the software is not (of course) installed. I want to see if it is possible to configure this console with 6.5. I emailed Dantz tech support this past Sunday, but have not received a reply yet.


Any ideas on this one? It is not absolutely imperative that I be able to set this up.


Many thanks,


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