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/var is 1 TB?!

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My Linux server is running Retrospect Client for Red Hat Linux 6.5.108 and


have /var as a backup volume and when my Windows 2003 Retrsopect 7.0.301 server performs a backup is reads /var as 1,700 GB to backup! shocked.gif Very bizarre.







  -	2/2/2006 12:00:21 PM: Copying /var on LINUX-SERVER


2/2/2006 12:02:32 PM: Execution stopped by operator


Remaining: 2121 files, 1,170.1 GB


Completed: 9 files, 1.2 GB


Performance: 608.1 MB/minute





It is not possible since I only have 250GB RAID 1 for storage cool.gif




Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!

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hi met,


1) do you have any other red hat clients on the network? do they have the issue also?

2) what version of red hat?

3) is this just a directory or is it it's own partition?

4) are you using compression?

5) kind of files are you backing up? if you use Retrospect to 'Browse' the /var, does anything look really big?

6) what filesystem?

7) are you using encrypted link to the client?

8) what is the function of the machine? desktop? server? what does it serve up?


if you could answer some or as many of these questions as you can and provide as many more details as you can it would help.

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I just upgraded to 7.5 and the readme mentioned my issue.


It states this about RHEL 4


"In addition, after a default install of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, the file var/log/lastlog reports its size as over 1000 GB. This can cause problems when previewing operations within Retrospect and can also cause Retrospect to report that an operation requires more media than it actually needs. To avoid these problems, create or modify a selector to exclude this file from your backups of Red Had Enterprise Linux 4 clients."

source: Retrospect 7.5 README.html


I will create this selector and test and post back.





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