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-1019 not enough resources 352GB rbf file to LTO3 TAPE

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I'm trying to move a 354 GB retrospect File backup set (.rbf) to an LTO tape and it gets the -1019 error.


Windows 2000, 512M memory, C drive with 54 gigs free, NAS source drive with ~500G free

Retrospect Single Server 7.0.326

The catalog file which should be tiny...i.e. just the one rbf file in the catalog is stored on C drive


I'm trying to backup up the single .rbf file to an empty LTO-3 tape.


any ideas or is there any tweaking that can be done?



File "\\confocalnas\backup\Confocal-to-Nas-Dec05.rbf": can't read, error -1019 (not enough resources)


Note I can backup just fine any set of clients to the NAS, I can backup clients directly to the LTO-3 tape (it's an autoloader). I'm assuming it's a memory issue since the rbf file is so large but any ideas would be greatly appreciated. The autoloader has 8 slots and all filled with empty LTO-3 tapes, plenty of capacity there.

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It shouldn't be a memory issue. Can you try it and watch memory usage on the machine to make sure?


Why are you copying this as one big file anyway? In order to restore anything from tape you would need to restore the entire rbf file first.


It would be better if you did a backup set transfer from the rbf file to a tape backup set. That way you can restore directly from tape.



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thanks for the tip about transfer instead of copy. That's the functionality I wanted anyway, but didnt' realize copying wouldn't do that. I'll see if that works

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