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-2303 ERROR

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I am trying to do a full backup of the c: drive so I can prepare a DR DVD. All I get is.. "Can't select files, error -2303 (Selector condition file system not available)" and then it stops. Using the wizard or advanced changes nothing... when I select run now option, it acts like it is doing something, but the log shows it can't select any of the files... any ideas? Almost ready togo back to MS Backup... at least that works and I can restore when I need to.... seems all my problems started with the v7 Professional "upgrade"... no open file backups, no full backups.. the only thing I can do is backup specific directories via scripts and I was able to get a duplicate c: backup.. but only with open file backup turned off.


Very frustrated user... and a backup should NOT be this difficult for a BACKUP program...


XP Pro - SP 2

Dell M70 Laptop

Maxtor 300GB External HDD with OneTOUCH (that also doesn't work)

Firewire 800


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