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Retrospect Lockup

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One more try...




I'm running Retrospect 4.3C on a Beige G3 running OS 9.1. This is not a fileserver. It is actually a mail server (FirstClass) which mirrors its post office to the 18 gb hard drive I am backing up.




I have Retrospect set to do unattended backup. When Retrospect autolaunches, the event handler sends an event to the mail server program telling it to stop mirroring. Then Retrospect backs up the mirror to tape (LaCie DDS3), quits and tells the mail server to begin mirroring again.




I have tried two different schemes:


1. A Recycle backup every day, Monday through Friday




2. A Normal backup every day, Monday Through Friday




No matter which scheme I use, the backups work fine for a couple of days, then one day in the middle of the backup (and where in the backup process is pretty random) the computer will lock up... completely, so that I have to do a hard reboot. Sometimes when I go back in to Retrospect to reconfigure the backup script I will discover that the catalog is unusable, other times I reconfigure a script using all the same settings as the previous script and things work fine for a day or two... then crash.




Any ideas would be appreciated... as of now I am not backing up.

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