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Client Updater for Solaris

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Hi Community,


after a update our Retropsect version 6.5 to 7.0.x we have to update a solaris (8) client (Backup agent) too. Can we do this with the client update package from the retrospect server?

is after the update a reboot from the client machine required?


Thanks & Bye Pronto

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hi pronto,


in a word, yes. look in the 7.0 package that you downloaded and in the English\Clients\Solaris\Updater\ folder you will find the Solaris_Client_Update.rcu file. use that to update the Solaris clients the same way you did the Windows clients.


you will not need to reboot the Solaris computer to update. if you have any trouble with the client (and i don't think you will), restarting the daemon will fix the problem.

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Hi waltr,


yes that's the way it works and the output of the startscript (/etc/rc3.d/S99Retroclient) with the 'status' parameter shown a not running service and after i start the service the 'status'-flag shown an running service and also the new version was displayed - fine ;-)


I was al little irritated, because last night i let the backup running under the old solaris client although the server has been already updated. And six from seven volumes made a perfekt backup but the last one terminated with 56 Errors. And each file which produced an error contains a german 'umlaut' (äüöß) but the first six volumes contains 'umlaute' too...


...anyway, tomorrow i will see what happen tonight ;-)


Thx for your attention


bye pronto

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