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Location of restored mailboxes

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Hi Community,


i backup a exchange server 2003 with retrospect 7.0.249 (Update: and after a testrestore of a single mailbox, this restored mailbox will be placed in the working mailbox and not in the recovery storagegroup. The target database in the recovery storagegroup in exchange is not aktivated, maybe this is the reason. But when i try to acitivate the traget database in the recovery storage group before i start the restore, exchange give me a warning that maybe the transaction log becomes corrupt. Also Microsoft describes that a restore have to be placed in a not activated database.


The recovery storagegroup does NOT appear in Retrospect!


Can anybody help?


Thx Pronto

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Mailboxes are restored to the mailbox you have chosen as the destination for the restore. The will not be restored to the recovery storage group.




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yes my mistake, i misundestood the manual in this case. The recovery storage group obtain to a restore of a hole database and not a single mailbox.


Thkx for your attention


Bye pronto

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