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Any luck on Solaris 10 client?

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Hey Gals & Guys,


Anyone managed to get the client working with Solaris 10?


I went to check out the supported clients list and was shocked to see support only existed for 8 and 9 - Solaris 10 was in a decent RC release more than a year ago, and the GA release has been around for 8 months.


Do we even know if they are working on one?



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hi steve,


although i don't know all of the differences between 9 and 10, i think this should work with the current version of the client. have you tested? i don't have access to a solaris 10 computer or i'd give it a whirl.


as i understand it, EMC is working on an updated client for solaris 10 that will be available in a future revision. i don't have any information on when that would be, but i can only imagine that the changes would have to do with specific virtual filesystems that are only in solaris 10.


if you are able to test this, please post your results. i'm sure i'm not the only one who would be interested in hearing more about this.

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