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"Closing..." might never finish

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There is a discussion about "closing" taking a long time, but that seems to be a regular problem where it does come to an end eventually. So I think the following is completely different.


We are running Retrospect 6.5 Multi-Server, on a Windows 2000 Workstation, backing up a variety of clients to external firewire drives.


At least once a month, sometimes more often, we see a particular problem when backing up a Windows client. The backup never completes. The log shows that the files to be backed up are all backed up (it says "Execution completed successfully"). The activity monitor however

shows "Closing". The Client control panel shows this as "In use".


This is of course a serious problem, requiring checking and potentially manual intervention each morning, typically rebooting both client and server, though restarting the service on the client also clears it. Even more seriously, other backups are queued up behind this, and

so never get done, or get done during live time. If it isn't checked, the situation just continues - it has been almost a week in the worst case.


This has affected several clients. The common thread seems to be that it has been backing up very large files (over a gigabyte).


My questions about this are

(a) is this a known problem with the client or backup software? I think even if there is a bug in the clients or a network problem, this must be a problem with Retrospect itself, since surely it should time-out when there is no response for hours.

(B) is this fixed in 7.0? It would be worth the upgrade if so.

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I have exactly the same problem, intermittently the back-up will hang on the closing.... message and never finish (still hung after 12 hours, e.g.). This has been around as a problem for a long time, doesn't happen very frequently but is really annoying when it happens. I end up having to check the backup every morning. The backup files are good.

Retrospect Professional 6.5.350 running on Windows XP Professional (happened on W2000 too)

Network backups from Mac G5 and G4 Powerbook running OS X 10.4.3 (happened in at least 10.3 also)

Did this ever get resolve through this thread?

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Thanks for the suggestion, Nate. As it's $45, do you have verification from anyone else who has seen this problem go away with Retrospect 7? Or any other justification for the expenditure?




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Please just try it and let me know the results.

We can sort out the upgrade once we know for sure




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