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Support for Sony DVD RW DW-Q28A (Apple std. issue)

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I've searched the compatibility database and can't find my device (see subject line); it is the Apple-installed device in my dual 2Gz G5 which is now several months old. Even if its not supported, surely all the Apple-installed drives would expect to be listed in the compatibility database? I see a bunch of DW-UnnA's (where nn is a two-digit number), but no DW-Q's.


Yes, I know there is "Configure", but I'd welcome feedback before creating toasters! Been burnt (pun intended) once already...

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This device is not yet supported. I talked to one person who was able to configure it and a few people who weren't You may be better off waiting for a driver from EMC Dantz. I have no word on if/when that will happen.




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