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SUSE Linux

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Hi Nembot & Hanz,


you could use rpm. or you could use the .tar version.


either one will work. it's very straightforward. if you need help, post a specific question and let us know how far you've gotten.

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Hi Hanz,


the url you posted is bad. can you give me any more information?


i would use the rpm version with SUSE, just so you can uninstall easily if needed. here are some older instructions that may help you:




if you insist on using the .tar version, you must be root and cd into the directory where the install files are located. run the Install.sh. that should be all you need to do.


if you can, try describing what you see when you run Install.sh. you may want to describe your setup a bit more. let me know what page you were trying to link to above and i can try to find it.

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