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Abe Hayhurst

Linux Client Crashing

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I am cross posting this here since the problem is with the Retrospect Linux client, not with Retrospect itself.


I am running the latest version of Retrospect 7 on a Windows 2003 Server. I am runnign the latest version of the Retrospect 7 client on a server running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 with the latest errata installed. I have approximately 450 GB of data on the server running RHEL3 that I am attempting to backup with Retrospect 7 via the client for Linux. My RHEL3 server has 2 Intel dual port gigabit ethernet cards that are "bonded" into a single interface with the bonding software that comes with RHEL3. So I have bond0, eth0, eth1, eth2, and eth3. Eth0 - eth4 are slaves to bond0. The machine only has one IP address, which is manually assigned. The bonding works FLAWLESSLY for all other applications/protocols/network services that I am running on the RHEL3 server. I do not know if it is a factor with the Retrospect 7 client.


After installing the Retrospect client on the RHEL3 server, I can configure the client and add it to the list of clients in Retrospect 7 on the Win 2003 server. I can do local backups (from local volumes to my LTO2 autoloader) fine on the Win 2003 server. I can begin a backup of the data on the RHEL3 server, but it stops about 150 - 250 GB into the backup job (several hours into the job). It starts by giving me error -519 (which says a network communication error occurred) and then moves to error -540 (which says it can find the network client.


After this occurs, if excute the following command:


ps -A | grep retro


on the the RHEL3 server then I get no results, meaning that the Retrospect client is not running. If rerun the Retrospect client rpm.post.install script on the RHEL3 server then it restarts the client. I then have to kill Retrospect 7 on the Windows 2003 Server and restart it (to get it to stop trying to execute the failed backup). I can then restart the backup, but get the same results.


I have an open case with Dantz, but no solution so far.




Abe Hayhurst

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