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Client for Solaris 10

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We are planning to upgrade our Solaris 8 server to Solaris 10 in the near future (3-6 weeks) and would really prefer to use Retrospect for doing backups.


Dantz's product pages says that they only support Solaris 8 and 9, does anyone know if it still works with Solaris 10, or if Dantz is working with Solaris 10 support.


Alf Endre Vestre

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Hi Alf,


I don't have direct experience with Solaris 10 but I think you should be able to get this working. Follow the KB for the Solaris Client:




Although originally written for Solaris 8, it was updated for 9. I don't know all of the changes slated for Solaris 10, but I would be surprised if it would not work at all. You should test this out before going to full deployment mode.


While Solaris 10 is currently unsupported, it should be in the future. There is no timeline on this at this time.

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