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Windows 2003 & Exabyte FW 1x10

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I have a windows 2003 server running Retrospect single server 7 (with all latest updates) that simply will not allow me to add tapes to my tape backup set. For a long time, Retrospect did not recognize the drive at all but now it sees it and sees all my tapes, etc. but I can get any further. When trying to add tapes to the backup set, I get this: "Couldn't execute, Device busy, error -213 (device in use)"


Problem is, it's not in use that I can tell! I do have another Mac that can use and back up to the same autoloader, no problem. But right now, I have Retrospect on the Mac not running so that it is not trying to use the same drive. I am also getting "New hardware found" notices in Windows but I don't believe I should install any drivers as Exabyte's site say doing this will prevent Retrospect from using the drive.


Can someone please offer some advice? I am a Mac user and don't know much about Windows... frown.gif



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