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Debian/Yellow Dog on PPC clients

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I saw some fairly old discussion but wanted to see if there is anyone who has been able to use the Linux client on a G4 with Debian or G5 running Yellow Dog linux. I've got several boxes here that I want to put on a Retrospect network and am trying to get an idea if it will work and what versions of Retrospect I need to use...6.x or 7.x?




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I don't think this will work because the software is compiled for i386. Even if you download the tarball, the script you run just puts the client in the right space.


Now, the installer might work, since it's just a shell script (text file) but the files it places probably won't because the processor (PowerPC) just can't read the machine code for i386 binarys. That's also the reason that you can't run programs like WINE on the PPC Linuxes. And why you can't run Mac On Linux (MOL) on Red Hat.


The best you could probably do in a case like this is backup via SMB or AFP.

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