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Waiting for Backup set

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I currently have a problem with a disk backup set I am trying to transfer/groom. I have a groom script which seems to be permanently deferred "Waiting for Backup Set C" but I don't seem to be able to specify to Retrospect how to find the the backup set. If I go into the Backup set member properties and try to locate any member it just tells me the source (e.g. G:\) is invalid.


Surely there must be some way round this?



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The "Waiting for Backup Set" thing you are seeing is a bug. The workaround is simply to open the backup set and close it. That seems to clear whatever flag is not getting set properly.



However, the rest of what you are describing sounds like either

1) it's true, the source really is invalid: the drive is missing, not mounted or the data isn't where it should be

2) the catalog could be corrupted.

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