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New Hard Drive seen as new or same in backup/restore?

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I've got a lab that goes through a lot of data and it is typical for them

to swap out a drive say D and install a new one that may or may not

be the same size as the original drive. The original is kept in a box

and will be put back into the pc at some point to get at the data.


How does Retrospect see this ? Does Retrospect recognize when

you swap out a drive even when it has the same drive letter and

thus treat it as a new drive?


In a Restore pass will there be a way to restore the snapshot of

my D drive when it was a Seagate 80Gig drive versus the shapshot

of the D drive when it was a Western Digital 250 G drive?


My guess is Retrospect will just see a drive D and for my restore I would

have to know the date I swapped out the drive to get at data from a

different D drive.


Does anyone from Dantz have some clarity on this?


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Retrospect really doesn't care that much about drive letter or capacity. All that matters is if the files and folders on the disk exactly match those in the backup set or not. Any files and folder that don't exactly match will be backed up again.


One thing to note is that Retrospect will recognize the new drive as a different disk even though the drive letters are the same. Make sure your scripts are set up to backup the new drive.


For restore - you can restore any snapshot to any drive or files from any snapshot to any drive. The fact that you changed drives at one point won't affect your restores.




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