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"Updating Catalog File" forever?

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I added a new drive to the scsi chain today (a SDLT 320).. my VS160 is still attached also..


Went to do a backup - and its been saying "Updating Catalog File" for a whie now.. maybe 5-6 hours. its entire set is 1TB - and its about to add 100GB to the backup set..


any idea why it would take this long?


right before it told me that i should repair - and it returned a success... i did the repair twice, and both times it was OK.


why should the catalog update take hours?


hte machine isn't locked up - and the disk light does blink.. so something is goin on!

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The catalog update shouldn't take this long. Did the backup complete or did it fail before the backup started?


Make sure you have disabled the new drive in device manager. Otherwise you can run into conflicts.




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