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Win 95 client locking up

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I'm running Single Server 6.5.350. I've got a Win95 client that sometimes backs up fine, most othertimes locks up.


On the server, the events activity monitor shows "User deferred".


On the W95 machine, if I Ctrl-Alt-Del I get the close program dialog box, with Msgsrv32 [not responding]. The outline of the Retrospect dialog box is showing, I assume it's the "countdown to backup" dialog. The mouse and keyboard (except for Ctrl-Alt-Del) are frozen.


I've got other Win95 machines that backup fine.


I've reinstalled the client (6.5.136). Any other ideas of things I could try, or some troubleshooting tools?


Thanks, Rob

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I would downgrade the client to 6.0 or 5.6 even. Older client versions are compatible with newer versions of Retrospect.


The client code changed dramatically with Retrospect 6.5. The older client code may simply work better on an old OS like 95.




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