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Resolution of Error 1013 Scanning Incomplete

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After more than 6 weeks of not being able to backup one of my PCs

I have resolved the dreaded Error 1013. Scanning incomplete, error -1013 (malformed name)

When the error occurs, Retrospect (v6.5) aborts the backup and moves on to the next



The error was caused by the file ntdll.dll in C:\Windows\system32 on a remote

machine. The file had become corrupted (virus, perhaps) in that windows thought

it was a folder but it was still a file. No means of deleting this file was found to be

effective. Nor was the error detected or fixed by using Chkdsk or XP's Disk Checking.


It was possible to move the file elsewhere on the disk. I moved it to a

folder that I did not want to back up and added that folder to the list of folders not to

be backed up. This was not effective. Retrospect still choked on the offending file

even though it was not supposed to be backed up.


I had to open Retrospect Client on the offending machine, select the Access page,

check Private Files... and Add the directory where the offending file is. No more error



A side not on KB # 6043. This document tells you how to have Retrospect ignore

errors and continue backup anyway. The instructions are terse and some extra comments

will likely help the novice:


2) WARNING: Users can force Retrospect to back up a volume reporting the -1013 error during volume scan, but this will prevent all files from being copied.


To continue the scan after the -1013 error is detected:


Launch Retrospect (Close all windows that are open inside Retrospect, otherwise the next line doesn't work)

Type ctrl-alt-P-P (Hold ctrl & alt and hit p twice)

Select Execution on the left side and turn on "Continue after scanning errors".

Click OK

Quit and launch Retrospect again.

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