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Retrospect & FreeBSD 5.3

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Hi all,


I've got Retrospect client running successfully on a FreeBSD 4.10 machine, and I recently tried installing it on a FreeBSD 5.3 machine. I'm using the FreeBSD linux compatibility layer (linux_base-8 on 5.3, linux_base-6.1 on 4.110).


On the FreeBSD 5.3 machine, retrospect starts up, and the backup server can see it correctly, however it times out when I try to connect. Here is the response from the rcl status command:


Server "freebsd53.x.y":

Version 6.5.108

reserved by BACKUPSERV for Preparing...

back up according to normal schedule

currently on

readonly is off

exclude is off

1 connections, 1 authenticated



Any idea what the "reserved by..." message means? Has anyone successfully got the linux client working under FreeBSD 5.x?


Also -- please add my voice to the list of people looking for a native FreeBSD client. I would have no problem downloaded a piece of software clearly marked as 'UNSUPPORTED' if Dantz were willing to release it. Heck, I'd even help port it if required smile.gif





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