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Retro Pro 7 eval DVD-R problems

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I'm a long time Retrospect user (starting with 1.0 Mac ed.).


I've been on Windows version 6.0 for some time. I just got a new Dell Insprion XPS laptop, which has an NEC ND6500A 8x DVD +RW/+-R drive. I'm using XP Pro SP2.


I have the eval version of Retro Pro 7 to make sure it works with my DVD burner before I pay for an upgrade, but have some problems.


I successfully created a Custom Configuration for this drive (with Memorex 8x DVD-R media) and have been able to do a verified backup to DVD.


However since then I've had a few issues on different occasions:


1. While doing an incremetal backup, after filling a DVD-R disk and asking for a new one, it failed with this error:

Device trouble: "2-thor-files", error -103 (unexpected beginning of media)

This happened several times with 3 other blank disks. I finally did a reboot, deleted the custom configuration and created a new one before I could complete a successful incremental backup.


2. While doing another incremental backup, where only about 500 MB of the DVD-R has been used, I got the following error:

Trouble writing: "1-thor-devtools" (646971392), error -101 (improper request)

Then Retro asked for a new #2 disk., even though the first one was only partially full. I even tried to recreate the catalog to see if it would continue to use disk 1, but it wouldn't.


So why am I getting these errors. Is Retrospect unreliable with my drive or is it being finicky about media? I don't want to pay for the upgrade if it's going to be unreliable.



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