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Can't initialize Snapshot file, error -1115 (disk full)

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Using Retrospect 6.5 Multi-Server we are backing up multiple servers across the network. Only when backing up one specific volume, which is attached to the Retrospect server we receive the above error message. This error started showing 3 weeks ago without any major changes on the network or on the server.




The Retrospect server is running Windows NT SP6a


Installed RAM is 1 GB with about 800 MB available while backing up - no other apps running


All volumes are formatted as NTFS


Drive C has 4.5 GB free


The catalog file (on C:) is about 300 MB in size


The affected volume has 110 GB free, with 210 GB used (6,000 folders, 30,000 files)


The target device is an LTO tape library




All drives are defragmented to almost no fragmentation. CHKDSK reveals no errors.




Thank you for any hints or questions.

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And here is what happened: While creating the snapshot Retrospect halted at several files for about two minutes. During each of these halts the file 'RetroSec.dat' grew by 1 to 1.5 GB for each file, which filled up drive C after four to five halts - obviously Retrospect had difficulties handling these files. I resolved this by re-creating the directory structure for each of the ten files that Retrospect halted at, and by moving all files from the respective directory to the new directory.


I am glad I could solve this, still I wonder why these files - or directories - confused Retrospect. I could open, modify, duplicate, move and rename the files without any problems; they did not show any signs of corruption, and the file and directory names were absolutely regular.


Oh, well smile.gif

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It was probably a problem with the NTFS security information. The information on those files must have been hosed causing retrospect to get stuck.



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