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Help making a backup script...

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I want to have a script that....


- Runs Monday thru Friday

- No matter what tape I put in the drive, will do a full backup on to that tape

- Will not pause for specific media no matter what

- If the tape is blank, it will format & assign a name to it. (I don't want to pre format them)

- If the tape contains data, it will erase the data before backing up to it

- If for example, I have 18 tapes, after I had used every one of them, there would be 18 catalogs


Basically, I want my customer to be able to manage their own rotation. If HE forgets to swap tapes, I still want the backup to occur. If he wants to restore data, HE will decide which tape it is going to come off of.


Is this possible? With Retrospects' interface, I'm not seeing a way.

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Possible? Yes.


Good idea? not really.


This makes restores a pain in the neck. You will have to rebuild the catalog file for each tape before you can figure out whats on it to restore. In your case that means you would would possibly have to read all 18 tapes in thier entirety to find the files you want to restore. That could take a day or two.


I recommend setting up a 5 set, 5 day backup rotation script, naming the sets after the days of the week. Then enable email notification, and have the script notify the user when it needs a tape.


It is not foolproof but you have a much better chance of maintaining a good backup history this way. even if the user forgets to change tapes.




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