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Found 2 results

  1. Every 2 months, my backups switch to a new backup set as part of the schedule. I use file backup sets. Since "upgrading" to 15.0.0, the wait for media step now times out and fails instead of letting the user choose a new backup set when they get around to it. That's really lame. Also, look how long it took to find the files; over 5.5 hours. It never took that long before. + Normal backup using Tube Script at 2018/05/06, 20:00:00 (Activity Thread 1) 2018/05/06 20:00:02: Finished scanning backup set data files To Backup Set Tube [009]... 2018/05/06 20:00:00: Use new Backup Set: Replaced with Tube [010] - 2018/05/06 20:00:00: Copying TubeDrive 2018/05/07 03:35:07: Found: 3436579 files, 770796 folders, 759 GB 2018/05/07 03:35:21: Finished matching 2018/05/07 03:41:23: Copying: 3280991 files (694.9 GB) and 10324 hard links Media request for "1-Tube [010]" timed out after waiting . [*] ArcDisk::arcExportSessionFile: unexpected value of ArcCatalog::m_lastvol 0; can not write session file 2018/05/07 04:01:30: Execution incomplete Remaining: 3,280,991 files, 694.9 GB Completed: 0 files, 0 B Performance: 0 MB/minute Duration: 08:01:29 (08:01:15 idle/loading/preparing) Here's the previous full new-media backup from the previous version of Retrospect: + Normal backup using Tube Script at 2018/03/04, 22:00:01 2018/03/04 22:00:01: Finished scanning backup set data files To Backup Set Tube [008]... 2018/03/04 22:00:01: Use new Backup Set: Replaced with Tube [009] - 2018/03/04 22:00:01: Copying TubeDrive 2018/03/05 00:38:24: Found: 3383778 files, 750859 folders, 733.6 GB 2018/03/05 00:38:37: Finished matching Only just over 2.5 hours. With version 15, a 2nd backup started at 23:00, but it only lasted a few minutes, so that wasn't what caused 15 to be more than twice as slow.
  2. studiomake

    Error with backups

    I'm using Retrospect 10.1.0 (221) on a Xserve, running OSX 10.7.5. During some of my last backups (network storage, to another network storage) I get the following error code: "FScSetWhichNodeInfo: USetWhichNodeInfo failed: -43" Retrospect indicates that the backup was completed succesfully (with the green mark sign, and in the log), but this error code keeps appearing. I have been checking the error code table on the support page, but can't find this one. Does anybody know what this error might mean? Thanks in advance for your help!