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Found 8 results

  1. I just upgraded my main server to version, and notice a dramatic performance improvement in the console on long-latency connections (through an SSH tunnel to a client server) This is a wonderful thing. It changes the connection to these client systems from a painful chore, to something I can do casually. Nice work!
  2. Today I tried to upgrade “Retrospect Small Business Server Premium 7.7” to “Retrospect Small Business Server app (SBS 2003-2011) Upgrade w/ ASM, WIN 8”. I have contacted support. I ended up installing 7.7 to get Retrospect working again. (1) Retrospect 8.5.136 did “hang” starting (>15 minutes). I think it was unable to “convert” the config77.dat file from the older version. I tried this several times. Starting without the “Retrospect” folder in “ProgramData”, so without previous preferences, worked. Then I could enter the license number. (2) To my horror when I entered the new license number, the “Open file” option didn’t became activated. Rereading the information on the Retrospect website left me nothing but confused. There now seem to be two “Open file” options? To get open files backup on the Server and the Clients, needs a new Add-on? I bought the “Retrospect Add-on Value Package for SBS,WIN 7.6/7.7” in the past. Do I need to spend more money? The reasons for buying this Upgrade are/where: (a) fixing the Grooming issue ( better Exchange Mailbox (2007/2010) access/backup © Retrospect running as a "Windows Service", so you have to have a terminal server session with Retrospect running all the time (d) Normal Preference structures, not a archaeological monolith of a .dat file. If the Grooming failures are fixed (for our system using 7.7), I don't know. The other points, especially © and (d), aren't changed at all! Fulco
  3. Retro 10.5 engine, Retro 10.2 -> 10.5 client I run my clients with instant scan turned off. The reasons are not so important. I just upgraded one of the clients from 10.2 to 10.5, and found that the instant scan was re-enabled. For those out there with multiple clients, expecting an upgrade not to mess with the settings, this would be annoying. I don't think a client upgrade should mess with settings that the admin explicitly applied. (almost never...)
  4. I need to upgrade my server OS from Leopard to Snow Leopard (10.6.8). I am now running Retrospect 6.1.3 and everything has been rock solid. I didn't go to 7 at the time it wasn't backward compatible and as 8 and 9 came out there wasn't a need. And since the interface changed a lot we didn't want to deal with that. Now I have to change so I wanted to know if there were any issues to know about upgrading before I do. Thanks. Cliff
  5. 2927aa2c-bcad-4982-b785-6b9ccc007482

    Upgraded client OS, now getting error -525 (wrong client)

    Hi all, I recently upgraded a client machine from CentOS 5.9 to CentOS 6.4 (x86_64). The installation for the Retrospect client worked once the x86 libraries were installed: yum install libgcc.i686 rpm -i Linux_Client-7_6_100.rpm However, the Retrospect server (v8.2.0 399) throws an error when running any scripts with that client as a source. The error thrown is -525 (wrong client found at that address). This error seems understandable but I'm wondering what my next steps should be. I have seen it suggested on the forums that I should remove the source and re-add it. Would this break or remove my scripts and/or media sets? Thanks, Shane
  6. As part of of the upgrade process, an opportunity to upgrade the Retrospect Engine is offered. It will always fail since no mention of requiring the engine be stopped is ever mentioned. This requirement was probably forgotten and never written down in the previous upgrade. Upgrades are not a daily occurrence. It should not be necessary to either guess or read through pages and pages of documentation to be reminded of this. I would expect it would take minimal time and testing to simply add text to the UI noting that the engine must be stopped for a sucessful upgrade to occur.
  7. When the 10.0 console is connected to a 9.0 engine, it occasionally offers to upgrade the engine by putting up a dialog box. For some of my installs, the connection is pretty slow, and doing the upgrade would be dicey at best, and in any case, the last thing I want is to "accidentally" hit "return" on one of these dialogs, and start an upgrade process that I may or may not be able to abort before it does something I don't want. I have not experimented with this, for obvious reasons. I don't think the engine should make these offers that can so easily be accepted. At minimum, there should be a way to "turn them off". Some of my installs will be stuck on v9 for some time, and the whining from the console will be an unnecessary annoyance. Yes, the console should be able to upgrade the engines, but the operation is very rare, and should be explicit.
  8. Having just installed Retro 10.0.1 (105) engine, and still having remote v9 installs, I tried connecting my still-installed v9 console to the new v10 engine. It seems to connect, and might even work (I have not dared do much with it. ;-> ), but it soon offered to "upgrade" me from 10.0 to 9.0. Screenshot included. This should be fixed. It is likely that users will accept the offer, with undesirable effects.