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  1. A concise how-to for installing the retrospect client on Ubuntu is given here Retroclient on Debian.
  2. Riegel_T

    Automatically Deferring PC

    Hi, I had a similar problem and found a solution: Please look at http://forums.dantz.com/ubbthreads/favlinker.php?Cat=0&Entry=7076&F_Board=professional&Thread=57284&partnumber=&postmarker= Cheers Tom
  3. Riegel_T

    Client permanent "Deferred by backup client user"

    Hi, I got the same advice from Dantz support (I bought a ticket). (Automate -> Proactive Backup; select corresponding script; -> Edit -> Options -> More Choices -> Countdown; set Countdown time to 0) Although it works for me, it is just a work around, which withdraws the client the possibility to defer the backup and does not really solve the problem )-: . To figure out the conflict a special debug-client would be helpful, which logs all important data and events. Cheers Tom
  4. Riegel_T

    Client permanent "Deferred by backup client user"

    Hi Brain, I checked it, but no firewall is running (and the built-in of XP is switched off). Any other ideas ? Thanks Tom
  5. Hi, I am running retrospect server version 7.0.265 and client version 7.0.107. For one of about 50 clients the proactive backup does not work. The server polls the client and then it flashes a status message of: "Deferred by backup client user". Well the user does not really defer the job but for some reason the status is set for that. I re-installed the client on the machine, but I still get the same result. Removing bksdefer.exe (as suggested in former posts) from C:\Program Files\Dantz\Client did not help either). Any tips are greatly appreciated. Thanks Tom