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  1. Retrospect 7.0 Prof (and earlier) Windows XP "not responding" on quit. System hangs, must reboot. This occurs before the next scheduled execution dialog box appears. It turns out that since that the backup scripts use "file" backup sets Retrospect seems to validate the next scheduled script (ie, backup set file) is okay to run. Unfortunately the scheduled script tried to use a flie backup set with a "bad file header" so Retropect stalled with "not responding". The verify tool indicated that the specific file backup set had a "bad header" and suggested to repair it. Repairing the file backup set DID NOT FIX the "bad file header". The only solution was to: - Retrospect - "forget" the backup set - Windows - rename the actual backup set filename on the disk to some other filename - Retrospect - create a new file backup set (using the original backup set name [which creates a new backup set disk filename) - Retrospect - correct the backup scripts for the appropriate destination backup set. - (Windows - delete the old renamed backup file)
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    error 530, Backup client not found

    I have had trouble with Retrospect Single Server 'seeing' a client which had two NIC cards installed in it. Windows NETBUI was working fine. One NIC - Cable Modem, Other NIC - Internal Network. Add client showed the client name with light gray type but it gave a 530 error. The client was running Client version 6.0. I solved the problem by swapping the NIC card order in the PCI slots, removing the cards in the Windows 98 Control Panel Network, rediscovering the NIC Cards, and Setting up the TCP/IP addresses for the Internal Network. Evidently, the Retrospect Client Software must be looking for the first NIC card (based on PCI Slot) and does not lookfor additional NIC cards in other slots .