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  1. I agree with you. Retrospect is a robust contender, but as you say for the right job. I don't have a LAN and my needs are far simple, once they get defined properly. I am a registered user of Retrospect. I tried to understand this complex software and tried to find out the simplest and best solution for my little need. 250MB of data from 80GB that takes 4 hours to update is not the right tool for the right job. It took time to make a final analysis, but now I know. But then often there is more to take into account than speed, and the ability to script Retrospect is one that have keep me home ... Thanks for sharing. Robert Lespérance
  2. It's funny that a so respected piece of software like Retrospect is not designed for the basic need of a backup strategy: to have a duplicate hard drive to restart working rapidly. I tried SuperDuper. Once the initial duplication of 80GB is made, it took 25 minutes (vs 4 hours for Retrospect) to update 500MB of datas. It is a 160GB drive (5400RPM) connected through firewire. The only drawback of SuperDuper is that it cannot duplicate any other hard disk shared on the computer's network. Maybe it is not a drawback after all ... Thanks.
  3. I can do that ? I will give it a try. For the moment, my work around is to have the script that permutate to the login window, to launch Retrospect before permuting when the volume needed by Retrospect is connected or mounted. Thanks for helping. Regards. Robert
  4. I use and like Apple's MobileMe features. Great utility !! It gives 20GB of space «in the cloud (online)» to store automatically 3 months of incremental backups of all my essential files (±3GB that grows to ±15GB over 3 months). I also use it as a space to bring with me datas and files (like sUSB key, without a key to carry), to host personnal web sites of pictures of my family and my friends. It also offers me a way to transfer large files that an email cannot (like YouSendIt). I do not know of any other good software to backup to MobileMe'iDisk other than Apple's Backup software. «Data Backup» and «Memeo» works but they are way to slow. So probably, I will stick with Retrospect for my duplication and will expect faster speed from a Firewire 800 connection or from eSata when it will be available. Thanks for helping. Robert
  5. Hi Lennart, To have a coherent and easy backup strategy, the incremental backup of my essentials files is done automatically online every day. Nothing to forget, nothing to connect. If I forget to connect my drive for the duplication, my essentials files are always backed up without even thinking of it. The duplication of my hard drive is not required every day, so forgetting it is not really a problem. I try to do it at least once a week. The duplication is made on a small 2.5" drive that I always bring with me. So in case of an sad event, all my files are somewhere not to far. To be more coherent, I do not want to have 3 backup software. I was using Retrospect because it is secure and flexible. My incrementals are done with Apple's Backup application and I used Retrospect for the duplication. If I use CCC or SD for the duplication what will Retrospect be required for ? Would Retrospect 8.0 be any faster for the duplication ? On the other side, Retrospect is great to backup all connected/client computer. I don't think CCC or SD does that ? Thanks for helping. Regards. Robert Lespérance
  6. Hi Dave, When the backup script is runned by double clicking on it, Retrospect launches and it executes normally. I forgot to mention that after 15 minutes of inactivity, an Apple script permutates the user window to the login window, leaving the user where the backup script will execute logged on. The problem occurs when the backup script launches while the frontmost window is the login window. The login window belongs to Root. Is there a workaround ? This is the part of the script we are talking about: Regards.
  7. Hi, I am a registered user of the desktop version of Retrospect for Mac (v6.1). I have an iMac G5 (2GB of memory) with a 160GB hard drive containing ± 80GB of information. I have a USB2 external drive of 160GB to hold my backup and it is direct connected to my computer. I have a script for a full duplication of my computer's hard drive in case of a failure. Once the initial duplication backup is completed, why does my daily update with ± 1 to 2GB of new data take 3 to 4 hours to complete ? What would be the normal expected time for this daily update ? I am concern, because Retrospect is a good software and because I don't have that much data. How long will it take if in the future I have 200GB of data ? What can I do to speed it up ? Thanks in advance. Robert Lespérance
  8. Hi, At night a Retrospect backup script is initiated by an Apple Script. (not started by Retrospect's schedule) because I want another process to complete before starting the script. When opened by my Apple script why does Retrospect still require an admin user name and password even if this option is uncheck in Retrospect's security preferences ? In the username and password window there is also an option to confirm if a username and password is required for manual operation and I unchecked it. What is wrong ? Thanks in advance. Robert Lespérance
  9. Hi, I am able to delete Retrospect's Backup Set files without warning. I changed the ownership of these files (BackupSetName and BackupSetName.cat) to my admin user to be sure the are protected. These now belong to an ADMIN user and from within any other user, I can delete them in the Finder without having to give an ADMIN name or password. How can this be possible ? Is it because «Ignore authorization of the volume» is unselected» in the Info window ? Thanks in advance. Robert Lespérance
  10. Hi, By mistake I have recycled my backup file so I cannot look anymore in it's content to find out what was the problem or what I was doing wrong. But ... I have found the missing 5GB file. It was on my daughter's desktop. I was sure that I have looked for the size of each folder in the content window (Report<Content<IncrementalBackupName) and have not see it .. Probably my mistake ... Until I look again in a similar problem, I thank you both for helping ! Robert Lespérance
  11. I go in the finder and do a Get Info on the backup set file .......
  12. Hi, I have been doing a incremental backup of selected files and the backup set's size is 11GB. If I go to Report<Content and add up the size of all the session it adds up to 4.2GB. I also use Apple's Backup software to do the same incremental backup to iDisk and 4.2GB is the correct size. How can the size of all the sessions differ from the size of Retrospect backup set ? Thanks in advance. Robert Lespérance P.S. Since I have a french version Retrospect'terms may be different.
  13. Hi Ricky, I know this thread iss old .... Are you able to backup to iDisk ? Thanks in advance. Robert
  14. Hi, Since .Mac provides 10GB or even more of backup space, iDisk is a valuable tool to backup rapidly and of site my important files. This way I don't bother playing around everyday with an external drive, other than for a full duplication backup occasionnaly. I use Backup (Apple's software) to backup to iDisk, and Retrospect with my external hard drive. Does somebody know how to backup to iDisk with Retrospect ? I have been trying to do an incremental backup to iDisk. I have been able to create the .cat file, no problem. The backup starts well, but before finishing Retrospect hangs or does not complete the backup. If I forcequit Retrospect, I get the Finder also hanging. I have tried many times and always get this hanging problem. Do you have any idea what can be the problem ? For a non-pro like me what does WebDav mean ? Thanks in advance. Robert Lespérance
  15. Hi Mayoff, Since .Mac provides 10GB or even more of backup space, iDisk offers a valuable space to use to backup rapidly and of site my important files. This way I don't realy have to bother palying around with an external drive, otherwise that for a full duplication backup occasionnaly. I will open a new thread. Regards. Robert Lespérance