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    1017 Error fix

    I looked high and low for 2 days before I came upon this fix. I want to share it here since I didn't find any helpful info here. The problem is the MS software shadow copy provider service will not start. Here is what fixed the problem for me. I hope this posting will help someone else. This may not be applicable to your situation, however might be worth a look. I have had similar problems with VSS on XP machines that turned out to be caused by the MS Software Shadow Copy Provider Service (SwPrv). You should be able to manually start and stop both VSS and SwPrv (net start vss) (net start SwPrv). If VSS manually starts OK, but you get an error when trying to start SwPrV, then you could have a permissions problem with it (account used to start it? should be system account), or a registry error with the services command line. I have run across several situations with XP machines where the command line for the SwPrv service is incorrect. Possible Solution (these instructions are for XP) Open Control Panel, Administrative Tools, COMPONENT Services Inside the Console Root folder, goto COMPONENT Services -> Computers -> My Computer -> Com+ Applications. On the top toolbar, click on View, Status (or click the Status button on the toolbar). You will see all Com+ applications and their statuses including the Application ID and the PID (if currently running). Make a note of the Application ID for the MS Software Shadow Copy Provider entry. Next check the command line used for the SwPrv service. Navigate back to the top root folder. Inside the Console Root folder, goto Services (local). Note, you can also get here from Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services. Find the MS Software Shadow Copy Provider Service and double click on it. Notice the Path to Executable field. It will have an entry similar to the following: C:\WINDOWS\System32\dllhost.exe /Processid:{xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx} Check to make sure that the GUID inside the curly brackets is the exact same as what you found in the Application ID in the first step. If it isn't, then this is what is preventing the service from starting. To correct, open regedit and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\SwPrv Double click on the ImagePath value and make the necessary correction. It is obviously a good idea to export a backup reg file of the above key in case you make a mistake or need to restore the original settings.
  2. tbrox

    Vista Permission Problems

    No I did not see the read me file however this was a clean install of Vista 32 and I then did a clean install of Retrospect. During the upgrade process i'm given the option to uninstall and modify. I have been choosing modify. Should I uninstall and then run the upgrade installer again? I have saved the downloaded upgrade file on my hard drive. I noticed Shadow copy services was set to manual should I change that to Automatic? since the bullitin talks about retrospect using the shadow copy service. I have found some windows error logs that tell me I should turn off "allow service to interact with desktop" setting. This is located on the log-on tab in the properties for the retrospect launcher service.
  3. tbrox

    Vista Permission Problems

    Twice I tried to update Retrospect from 7.5.324 to 7.5.387 and both times it said the installation was sucessful. but after restarting retrospect and going to help / about it still says I have 7.5.324. I'm using Vista 32 bit. I have check for VSS and shadow copy errors in all the event logs but I don't find any errors of this type. Now what??
  4. tbrox

    Vista Permission Problems

    I just got a new computer. I installed Retrospect Pro for windows and transfered over all my script files. I then edited all my script files and my backup sets to reflect my new drives. I'm now getting error messages that read: "Can't open file backup option for (folder listed) error 1017 (insufficiant permissions) I'm thinking someplace in vista I need to authorize retrospect but where?? I hope someone can help with this. Tbrox
  5. Thanks, I'm not exactly sure how to do that but I will look into it. Hopefully a quick search through the help file will show me how.
  6. I'm using Retrospect 7 on a windows XP sp2 computer and was testing the restore. I backup specific folders to a maxtor disk every night and at the end of the week I use synchronization software to copy everything on the maxtor disk to an identical maxtor disk. This makes both disk exactly the same except the volume name is different so I can keep track. The second disk goes home for safe keeping. I wanted to attept to restore files from the second maxtor disk as a test. I was able to figure out how to restore all the files I wanted but it was cumbersome because I had to keep selecting the correct retrospect .rdb file. I finally figured out that the file it was looking for was listed in the window title bar. (not where I expected it would be) Was this working properly? Why did it keep asking me to locate the next .rdb file? The file and folder structure on both drives are identical. Why at least after pointing retrospect to the correct backup set folder did it not just use the files in that folder that it needed? I tried renaming the drive but that didn't work. Is it because the drive serial numbers on the drives are different? I'm looking for some answer. Hopfully someone can explain it to me. Tbrox
  7. I'm backing up a shared folder on another computer to a Maxtor One touch. If I run the script manually it works just fine. If I schedule it to run I get a sharing permission error. How do I configure this to work automaticlly? Tbrox
  8. I'm using express that came with my Maxtor one touch. I have a backup scheduled to run every day except Sunday every week. Number of weeks counter set to 1. Everything will run fine for 4 or 5 days and then it stops working. When I notice that it has skiped a few days I open Retrospect and imediatly the backup starts up by itself. When it is done I check the script schedule and the next 4 or 5 days are listed. This has been going on for the last 2 months. Is there a limitation to the express verison or is something wrong? Tbrox
  9. Thanks very much Nate and GoAWest. This is the information I was looking for.
  10. I have just upgraded from 5.5 workgroup to 6.5 SBS. I backup to HDD and have always used the backup to file feature. I now see that you have a backup to HDD option. I have noticed that this creates several smaller files. Is there an advantage over choosing HDD over File or the other way around? I kinda like file because it's easier to look at and see if the date has changed. The only other reason I can see is that if the removable HDD is formatted in FAT32 the multiple files are small so they don't exceed the file system capabilities. Please comment.
  11. I have 3 .pst files that open when outlook is open. 2 out of 3 of these files always backs up. In addition I rebooted the problem computer and before doing anything I ran the backup from the retrospect server computer and I got the same message. I then checked the task manager for outlook.exe and it was not there. I then checked the backup log and retrospect has backed up all 3 files several times.
  12. Sometimes I get the Error 1111 (locked range conflict) when backing up outlook.pst over my workgroup. Please give me some more details on what causes this and possible how to correct it. Info: Win2k pro running Retrospect 5.6 server. Set to backup two XP pro clients. All other files backup fine. Just every couple of days I get this error. Outlook is not open at the time of backup and other .pst files are backed up just fine. Tbrox
  13. I don't know what was blocking my port but I did a clean W2k pro install on a different hard drive (same computer) this weekend and all client access is now working. It's too bad someone didn't have an answer it could have saved me a ton of work. Tom
  14. Hi Amy, I had already checked to see if the XP firewall was activated and it wasn't however I ran the utilitiy anyway with no luck. Correct me if I'm wrong but if my XP computer runing retrospect can access the client software on my W2k computer wouldn't that indicate that port 497 is open? If this assumption is correct then why can't I go the other way. Use Retrospect on my W2k computer to access the client software on my XP computer? Tbrox
  15. I was hoping for some help by now. Maybe my problem is too weird. Anyway here is some more information in case any of the experts are checking this forum. I installed the client on my W2k computer and used my WinXP computer with Retrospect to see if the w2k client could be found and yes it was. It showed up right away. I then went to the W2k computer and removed every item from the startup folder and the run area in the registry. I did this in local machine as well as current user. I then rebooted the W2k computer and opened retrospect to see if it could now locate the clients on the WinXP computers. Still no luck. I guess if I don't get any help soon my next step is to perform a clean install of W2k and then retrospect and then try it again. If this doesn't work then I don't know what to do. If anyone is monitoring this message but you don't have any helpful hints I will write back and keep you posted if the clean install works. Tbrox