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  1. thanks much! thought I was going crazy there (I was restoring to a mac client). Guess I have to pony up for 6.5 as restoring a local drive is not an option (I'll lose mac resource forks...) Cheers, JAY
  2. so the entire backup set has been searched and there are a total of say 375 files totaling 3.1 GB. It is at this point that I want to push the "files chosen" button to narrow down what I actually want to retrieve...when I push it the 375/3.1 GB gets reset to zeros!?!
  3. so I select Find Files, choose a backup set and restore location, and enter a search parameter. In the next screen (where you would hit retrieve) there is a Files Chosen button which should allow me to select which of the "hits" I want to actually retrieve it does not bring me to the browser window but actually resets the Files Chosen number to zero (instead of displaying the total "hits" to my search parameter)... This makes Find Files pretty well useless. Any thoughts? I'm using Single Server Windows 6.0 with mixed mac/pc clients