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    Pioneer A06

    That would explain a lot. Dantz themselves said on the phone to me that it should work. Upgrade to 5.1 I suppose....
  2. bagelturf

    Pioneer A06

    I have exactly the same problem on a 17" iMac 1.25G. The built-in Pioneer A06 drive cannot be used for DVD or CD burning in Retrospect 5.0 as far as I can tell. Will 5.1 solve my problem?
  3. The device still is not recognised as a backup device. I just read that 10.2.8 allows this drive to be used "natively" on the 17" iMac. Not sure what that means or if it is relavent to this discussion. I think that it means that iTunes and the like can burn. I have 10.2.7 at the moment so it may be worth my upgrading.
  4. I have Retro Workgroup 5.0 with the latest drivers and I cannot get the iMac 1.25 17" to recognise the DVD/CD burner. The drive is a Pioneer DVR-106D rev A606. In Devices the drive is visible and I know it can at least read disks. However when I set up a back up selecting DVD/CD from the media type clicking Execute tells me that no backup devices are available. I have sucessfully backed up to FW. Any ideas?