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  1. Well we started with Mac Retrospect back in the day, '90s, and then folloowed it to Windows Multi server. Now only Macintosh seems to be evolving. Seen a few threads over the years enquiring as to Windows development and no informative responces. We are still on 7.6. After watching the forums I decided I was not keen on going to 7.7 until it sounded more stable... Responces like "We want to keep the versions the same" were reasonable, now are entertaining :-) So. Where to from here? Windows 7.7 now? Windows x.0 at some indefinite future time? With what development timeframe from then? Macintosh 9. Exchange add on? Start over with our catalogues again? Retrospect has served us fine enough. No major gripes. Just not sure about putting funds down a hole with no light in sight. Anyone want to share their thoughts on this? Simon
  2. When backing up from a couple of Mac clients the Multi server stops with the error above. I have reinstalled Retrospect server. Uninstalled and reinstalled the client. One client it occurs on had been backing up fine. Now a totally new client with fresh install of OS and Retrospect Client is doing it too. Wouldn't matter so much if it just skipped over them but it just stops saying "Preparing to execute..." Multi server 7.5 on XP SP2 Clients: OSX 10.4.10 thanks Simon
  3. dnadesign

    Retrospect Freezes on Windwos 2003

    For anyone with the same issue: We ended up adding another SCSI card with an ATTO one. That solved it.
  4. Thanks for the help Lennart, I've looked in device manager and under services and there is nothing that remotely sounds like it. Neither of our drives have autoloaders if that's what we're looking for... Regards Simon
  5. Thanks. I disabled the LTO3 tape drive in Device Manager and it still froze when a tape is put in. I then disabled the LTO2 as well but still no go. There's no loader to disable (apart from me :-) It appears to work fine with the software the drive came with but not with Retrospect :-( Anyhting else to try? I didn't come across many threads with this problem. One that's close http://forums.dantz.com/ubbthreads/showf...&PHPSESSID= but they don't mention wether they resolved it. I've asked in that thread and hopefully will get aresponce. Cheers Simon
  6. Windows XP SP2, Adaptec ASC-29320A SCSI Card, IBM Ultrium LTO2 (running fine), HP storageworks LTO3 (Brand new) If we load a tape on request from Retrospect the wole machine locks up and requires a hard reboot. We have tried different cables, different tapes, and having only the LTO3 connected to no avail. Any thoughs on what to try next would be appreciated. Thanks Simon
  7. dnadesign

    Retrospect Freezes on Windwos 2003

    We are experiencing this with a new HP Ultrium LTO3 drive. As soon as a cartidge is put in, on request from Rretrospect, the whole machine freezes and requires a hard reboot. Did you ever find a resolution to your problem? Hoping your answer will help me.. Thanks Simon