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    error 530, Backup client not found

    This issue was fixed on my system by installing the latest version released last month.
  2. pz1lct

    error 530, Backup client not found

    Hi Marc, I am still having the issue. I have been sitting back, with some humor, watching Dantz dance around this issue. If I, from a command line, do a netstat -a it shows that my backup machine (windows xp) is not listening on port 497. If I do a netstat -a on any other machine that has the client software installed it is listening on port 497. The problem is that the multicast discovery is being blocked on the backup machine. And it's NOT being blocked by a firewall. I built a new system with Windows XP, no patches, and it works fine. If I patch XP to the latest security patches it no longer works. I am not going to go out of my way to figure out which security patch caused the issue. I think that is Dantz's task. I can say that it started happening, on my system, once I added the msblaster security hotfix. So Dantz... Take some time and do what I have done above and you will find the issue with your software. As I know the issue is your software and not a hardware issue. Please don't rely on your customers to solve your software issues. This is becoming the norm now a days in the software industry. (I am a computer consultant in the software industry.) Thanks, Doug Brock
  3. pz1lct

    error 530, Backup client not found

    I also have this problem. The problem started when I patched my Windows XP systems on my home network. I can not find any of the clients on my network since applying microsoft security patches a couple of weeks ago. I have not narrowed it down to what patch caused the problem but I am confident that this is the problem. My backups have been successful for about six months before applying the patches. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Doug