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  1. Hello .. thank you for responses to my query regarding long back-up time for LAN connected clients following upgrade to MacOS 11.0.1. Here is some additional info: I have three MacOS machines: iMacPro, MacPro, and MacBookPro 16. All 3 of these machines are now running on MacOS 11.0.1. The Retrospect Desktop edition 17.5.1 is on the iMacPro and the other two machines have Retrospect Client 17.5.1. In addition, I have one Windows10 installation as a Parallels VM (on the iMacPro) which also has a Retrospect client connection. So there is essentially 4 sources to backup. These machines are connected by ethernet in my home office: the iMacPro and MacPro connect through 10G ethernet and the MacBook Pro is 1G. I backed up all these machines before the MacOS 11.0.1 upgrade. The backup media sets are all on an external hard-disk array (RAID 0) connected to the iMacPro by Thunderbolt 3 cable. I did full backup of all the sources prior to the MacOS Big Sur upgrade. The local iMacPro backup was of course very fast .. about 8GB/minute. The client connected backup performance was around 2GB/minute (ranging from 1.5 to 2.5 hours for each source) Following the MacOS upgrade, performance for the same full backups of the client connected machines is about 500MB/minute = 6 hours or more for each source. I am basically living with this slow backup performance for now .. hoping the next incremental upgrade to MacOS will fix this issue. thank you.
  2. Following recent upgrade on machine that hosts Retrospect (Desktop for MacOS 17.5.1) server to MacOS 11.0.1 (Big Sur), backups of (MacOS 11.0.1) machines connected to this server by ethernet LAN, are running extremely slow - about 1/4 of normal (pre-os upgrade) speed. The log shows performance less than 500MB per minute versus ~ 2GB per minute prior. The performance degradation is obviously due to the OS upgrade and the issue might be corrected by next MacOS incremental release - however, asking if anyone has suggestion(s) for settings I could change or something else that could fix this problem? I appreciate any help you can provide on this issue. Thank you.